The Blog is a personal blog created in 2012 but it was shut down within few months due to fears of Internet exposure and nasty comments. In 2017, the author of the blog recreated the platform with tech solutions against spam comments and cyber-security that can detect malicious site visitors.  It was revised and revived because Kathleen loves to take beautiful photos and share it with her readers. She always feels inspired in Singapore to dream big, to live your life to the fullest and to be creative (it’s hard not to!). The blog features Beauty, Business, Lifestyle, Tech, Travel and How To. It’s about sharing her unfiltered reviews about brands’ products and services. It’s about sharing her entrepreneurship journey. It’s about being unafraid to go beyond her limitations.

As many of you asked her question about professional blogging and how much it will cost to design a blog, please find the answers on the How To Category.  Most importantly, to blog isn’t always about the web-design it is about the quality of content and consistency of posting. To blog isn’t about showing off where you eat, how much you can afford to travel or how cute you are on Instagram. It’s about sharing your passion that can be relatable to your niche market (readers). If you view blogging in a negative way, then you will never find the beauty of it.

If you want to buy what Kathleen wears in her selfies on Instagram, this blog also offers wholesale 3D mink eyelashes that are available to purchase. If you want to buy her other products, please visit her store.  Kat is open to accept other brands’ products for reviews, please reach out to us here

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