Seller Guarantee

In my business, 80% of my partners are Chinese I learned how to be good in finance and make the company’s profitability the priority. Every six (6) months, I travel to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing or Hong Kong to find ethically sourced manufacturers and suppliers to offer me their best products at wholesale price. I usually search for bulk items and sell them at a reasonable retail price. There are many online sellers but what makes the KG store different is that our team ensure each package is exactly the product you see online. Unlike, when you purchase to random online stores you won’t see any seller profile because they are worried that any negative feedback will be taken against them on reviews. They hide their profile behind stock images. My style in business is not to allow my fears to stop me from growing. Instead, I confront my fears and understand how I can possibly address each issue so that I can build a trusting relationship with our consumers and clients.

Quality of products:

Rest assured the products on KG store are good quality and have a realistic description to manage your expectations. We will never sell a product just to have a store. Our objective is for our consumers to buy more and to give us positive reviews online.

Personally, I visit the largest retail and wholesale shops in China – Wumart, Bailian Group, RT-Mart, and niche wholesalers in Guangzhou. I select the product materials based on its quality, design, and pricing. 

Fair Pricing:

We offer fair retail price from an individual product, bundle items to shipping cost. For example, a regular shirt is marked up at $40 at a retail store. It has nothing to do with the quality but the price is based on marketing costs and retail operations. Therefore, the business owner uses the pricing formulation of x 8.5 value to make at least break even income in case a company won’t have good sales per month. 

Our style is different, we search for quality products at the lowest wholesale price and offer it to our customers at a reasonable price. Our marketing is based on the power of social media only. 

Secured Payment:

You don’t have to use multiple payment methods to purchase on our store online. We accept PayPal that can process the payment with all major credit cards.

If you don’t wish to use PayPal, we accept bank transfers to our OCBC Corporate Account in Singapore. Sign-up the form below, send us the product links from our online store and we will get back to you within 24-hours on how to make a payment to our OCBC account (Singapore) or Western Union (if you desire).

Reliable Shipping:

We ship our products from our port in Mumbai, Hong Kong or Guangzhou to your receiving address. We use the service of EMS (local post), ePacket and DHL. The number of delivery days varies from each shipping location. Rest assured we aim to deliver our goods not more than 15-days.

You need to set realistic expectations that if you only pay for $1.50 for shipping, for example, it is impossible it can be delivered within 1-3 days overseas. International shipping takes time, unless, you will pay extra of $20-50/package on DHL, FedEx and TNT. We advise our customers to use our regular shipping service to save money. Unless you need the products urgently. 

Restricted Items:

It is important to know when you purchase any products on our store that contain liquid (cosmetics), it can only be shipped via EMS which takes longer days than other products. To ship a liquid product overseas will be required of inspections both outgoing and incoming customs.

*We do not sell any counterfeit and any prohibited commercial goods.

Track Your Order(s):

To create an account, simply go to the menu bar of this website and click the customer account. You will see your order status and updates, if available. If you cannot find it or unable to create an account, please track your order online. We will give you tracking number via email.

*It is beyond our control if the delivery is late than usual.

Customers Service:

Our team is small but we aim to serve our customers professionally. When you place an order, you will receive a confirmation mail from us within 24-hours followed by the delivery information within 48-hours. All communications are available on email ( and Facebook Messenger.

Due to the high volume of request we receive each day, we are unable to reply to you on DM on Instagram and Twitter.

Please provide the city and country of your receiving address and we will calculate the total cost shipping cost for you.
Pls send us the URL links on our online store you wish to purchase. We'll calculate the total cost along with your shipping address.
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