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Human Hair Lashes #05


Product Info:

  • 1 unit per box.
  • Human Hair Eyelashes.
  • Handmade in Indonesia.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Softest human hair lashes.

The market price of Human Hair Lashes in retail store and other brands are from $12-$36 per unit. What makes us affordable are the fact that we made it from scratch and we used practical packaging so the shipping cost is reasonable. All products are handcrafted with perfection. 100% clean, clinically tested and made by Javanese women.

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Quality Info:

Our lashes aren’t your regular lashes, we do not use synthetic materials. We buy bulk human hair, clean it with ethical standards and handcrafted it with perfection. Our human hair lashes are easy to apply and remove. Each strip is tiny and soft to give you the most natural look.

We have many designs but our top 5 human hair lashes are the most practical lashes style to use for your daily aura. Each lashes design is beautiful, unique and cater to different types of consumers.

How do we sell it?

On this website we are selling our human lashes for B2C. It means you can buy from one piece up to many pieces that you want. But if you want to buy wholesale for personal and commercial use, please visit our B2B website. We have a team that specialize in product development and custom model designs as well as custom packaging.

Here’s the simple guidelines:

B2B of lashes (wholesale): we deliver anywhere in the world. Our MOQ is 100 units per design.

B2C in Singapore and Malaysia markets:

B2C in the Philippines markets: **We accept cash on delivery.

Why our eyelashes are affordable?

It’s quite simple we cut the middleman, we make our own and we use affordable packaging to offer our products at reasonable price. However, we do not compromise the quality in fact, our processing of eye lashes is one of the most difficult cosmetics procedures we have ever done!


Shipping is excluded in the product price. The packaging is light so 1-4 units will only cost $3.50 depending on your mailing address in Singapore and Malaysia. If you’re based in United States, the MOQ 10 and the shipping cost $14. You may receive it in 7-9 business days via regular mail.


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