Online Store Story.

Since 2016 I traveled between Singapore – Hong Kong – China – India to find business opportunities to offer a quality of products to my target markets from reliable and ethically sourced manufacturers. I’ve spent an incredible amount of time traveling and meeting suppliers, manufacturer owners, and businessmen/women to work with me.

What makes the KG online store different from others?

Quality of products:

Many westerners look down on emerging markets, some of them find it “dirt cheap” to buy in India and China it’s because they value price over quality. They believe that when they purchase goods in Paris it has better quality than the product they purchase in India or China. They do not understand that some Indian and Chinese suppliers are competitive and they offer ethically source materials to quality branding. You just need to dig in and understand the local Indian and Chinese markets. One cannot judge a third-world country by reading the articles on news alone. You literally need to go to India and China and see it yourself.

The KG shop has quality assurance because we work with direct India and China wholesalers, and 3PL logistics that inspect each product carefully to ensure what we offer online is exactly the product you will receive at your doorstep.


Many online sellers have failed in delivery. When a customer purchases multiple products, she won’t receive one package instead she will receive multiple packages because the products are actually from different suppliers which are weird and the shipping cost is more expensive.

With the KG online store, you can buy multiple products and it will be delivered to you in one package because my friends and affiliated India and China wholesaler will do the purchasing on my behalf and it can possibly give you up to 20% off in shipping. Our shipping fee starts from $ 1.20 to $10. Of course, you need to set realistic expectations that when you order from our store online, it will be coming from Mumbai, Hong Kong or China port which means your order may arrive in two weeks and few days.

Dragged Along:

Many online sellers who buy and sell products from Southeast Asia do not understand how to work with a 3PL Logistics company. We do! 😉 Personally, I’ve been doing business online since 2016 and from the failure, mistake, and success of our cosmetics company, I learned to understand how international shipping works best for consumers and how to work with customs duties.

The KG online store offers reasonable time in shipping from Mumbai and China to the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Russia, and selected Asian countries. With our logistics solutions, you don’t have to wait for 30-35 days to receive your order. As soon as our team processes your order in 24-hours, it will be shipped asap and the delivery time is less than 14-15 days at a reasonable shipping fee of not more than $25 (of course, depends on the total weight of your order).

I Work Extra Mile:

To add value to my online business, I hire my friends in India and China to inspect each product carefully if it is in good condition and according to the specifications on the store. My business mantra is that I’m always a problem solver because without this skill, the business will not innovate and customers will not trust the company. If a product is low quality, I expect angry customers will get back at me and I will receive massive negative feedbacks online. To avoid this trouble, our team carefully select the products to sell. Choosing the right suppliers is important.

Fast and Secured Payment:

I work in the startup industry and while I do understand there are many payment methods to offer to customers but I want to make the payment system fast and secured. I selected PayPal because the customer can use all major credit/debit cards in one click. Although PayPal has an extra 4% charge, however, the beauty of this payment platform is that if the customer has issues and complaint, PayPal may issue a full refund instantly. Unlike, if we will process credit card and bank to bank, it may take up to 20-days before a customer can receive a refund.

Logistics Solutions:

When you browse on Indian and Chinese online platforms there are many gray areas that are hard to trust and the shipping cost does not include any import taxes and it is always at the buyer’s responsibility to pay the customs duties. It’s troublesome and intimidating. The good news is when you purchase on KG store, it will cover all import taxes and customs duties because when my friends collect the goods from the manufacturer or largest retailer in India and China, we will take care of everything from the warehouse to delivery.

Back in 2016, I travel to Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangdong, Hebei, and Tianjin city to find the best and reliable manufacturers, R&Ds and labs for my cosmetics brand. Along the way, I learned the important values in doing business in Chinese markets and how it will be qualified in the United States’ standards. I also learned that many brands are dishonest when they are selling products online. They will re-brand the products as if it is “made in the U.S. or Germany” when in fact, it is made in China. The truth is there is nothing wrong if a product is made in China, even some parts of Apple and L’oreal products and other best brands in the world are made in China. The most important thing is finding the right manufacturer or supplier that practice ethical standards when making products for consumers safety. 

I learned from my past mistakes

Back in 2012/13, I attempted to sell electronics and power banks. It was a massive failure because not only power bank isn’t allowed in international shipping but also some electronics are subject to customs duties. Many of my products were stuck at the customs (they will remain nameless) and 80% of my products did not deliver to my customers. I lose money, face, guts, and enthusiasm to do business.

I learned that finding the right supplier is only one thing. The most important thing is to learn how logistics work in international markets without getting into trouble and custom duties penalties.

To understand how we work with customers, please visit the Seller Guarantee. To understand how we secure your products, please read our Terms of Service. 

Our business mantra in business is transparency and honesty to build trust with our customers. We will never re-brand a product that is not ours. All latest products on KG store are sourced from reliable manufacturers in India and China, so nope Amigas we disclaim the “our products are from the U.S.” or ” Paris”.  Appreciate it or leave it the products we offer here are made in the largest retailers and manufacturers in India and China at reasonable retail price. 

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To see the quality of our products, please check each review on the product page. Thank you and happy shopping! xx

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