Due to demands of re-sellers we decided to create a platform called Drop shipping. It’s a process of selling our products at wholesale price on your e-Store (if you have any), social media or referrals without the responsibility of keeping our stocks or shipping the goods to your customers. For example: we sell the price at wholesale (e.g. S$18) and you set your own retail price (e.g. S$23). You can earn a profit of  S$5 (or more depending on your retail price) from each product and may generate a decent income up to S$ 2,000 per month. As an established company, we have our own manufacturer supplies, logistics team that carry the inventory, and we deliver the goods in Singapore, The Philippines and selected parts of Malaysia. **soon in the United States.


NO CAPITAL UPFRONT. We don’t required our drop shippers to buy an inventory or pay us for membership upfront. The only minimum investment is to buy your sample kit on our online store at the regular price just like how you’ll purchase your make-up online for personal use. Your sample kit is your working materials for marketing or social media. Once you have it, you can start immediately! Once we accept your application you will receive a starter kit; a guide to marketing online, message from the company and wholesale pricelist. Compared to buying inventory for your store and setting up your own brand that required manpower for taking care of the product photos, collaboration with professional models and influencers, and branding. With K. Godfory Cosmetics dropshipping, you can easily share our product photos on your social media, WhatsApp, WeChat or Viber at your convenience. This saves your business time, money and a lot of efforts. Financial successful people think of long-term. We balance our spending on enjoyment today with investing for freedom tomorrow. While people who are unsuccessful always think of short-term. They run their lives based on immediate gratification. They use the excuse “How can I think about paying the sample products for my possibly financial income when I can barely survive today?”. The problem is that, eventually, tomorrow will become today; if you haven’t taken care of today’s financial problem, you will be saying the same thing again tomorrow too. 😉 FEW SKILLS NEEDED. You don’t need to be an I.T. girl in order to build your website. You don’t need to be a guru to master a business. All you need are your WILLINGNESS TO EARN, strategic marketing, creativity and a lot of hard work. Tips: You must have clean and consistent marketing approach. Focus on quality of information, original photos, be creative, don’t use stock images or videos, and most importantly have a positive mindset when you’re selling. NO WAREHOUSE COST. We have our own inventory room in Singapore where we stored thousands of inventory with professional logistics solutions. Our storage is strictly cleaned, well-managed and supervised. This is why we invested to maintain our business. But as a drop shipper, you don’t have to buy an inventory from us, or maintain goods in your warehouse because we WILL TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING. No minimum purchase. Your customer can buy for as low as one order. We do not have MOQ (minimum of quantity) to buy our products. EARN UP TO S$ 2,000 PER MONTH. For credit card payment: if your customers purchased a product on your website using their credit or debit card, all you need to do is to pay us the wholesale price and give us the shipping details. We will send the order/s to your customers on your behalf. Our drop shippers can earn up to S$ 2,000 a month by just reselling our products to their customers. We sell the products in wholesale price and YOU will profit from retail price. Note: We won’t pack or ship the orders if we don’t receive the payment and confirmation. SIMPLE. EASY. RELIABLE INCOME.

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