K. Godfroy Cosmetics is founded in Singapore in 2016 and established in 2017 with online stores, logistics solutions and one retail store.  Kathleen Godfroy founded our start-up after she came back in Singapore from Boston, MA in Q1 of 2016. She has a background in science that helps the company to innovate in cosmetics ingredients and formulation. She works with R&D teams and chemists who make our products from scratch – raw materials to branding. In 2017, we received support from investors and shareholders who also serve as the founder’s business advisors. Mr. Rahul Sood, who has an MBA in Finance in Oxford University is the first shareholder who supported our start-up. He serves as the founder’s financial advisor. Ms. Yvonne Tan who is a chemist/cosmetics scientist from the National University of Singapore and currently working as a regional manager at Evonik serves as business advisor and shareholder. Both shareholders have an inactive role in the operations.

In 2017, we have collaborated with influencers, models and friends for our social media updates. They have been helpful, engaging and supportive in our business. We also officially work with our co-founder/CTO, Josh Ching, a Singaporean-Chinese and a tech company founder Tri-Niche in Singapore and Indonesia founded in 2012. With his experience, skills and expertise together we are able to put our tech and sales operations in Semarang, Indonesia.

In 2018, we have employees (both full-time and part-time) working with us behind the scene. Josh Ching and Kathleen Godfroy have been officially working together, although most of the time just online but they are unstoppable, passionate and hopeful one day we can go beyond Asia.

We dedicate this business to our family and friends. Our business cannot be successful without the support of our loved ones. Thank you.

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