Brand Sponsorship

Brand Policy:

  1. Basic Requirements

You are a beauty, skincare, tourism or educational brand who are willing to offer products or services in exchange to review it for FREE.

You are a startup brand who are looking for collaboration on KG’s blog.

You are allowing Kathleen Godfroy to create unfiltered reviews on her blog and social media accounts.

  1. Product Requirements

You understand that before sending item/s to Kathleen Godfroy, you will ask her size, vital statistics and other information that will fit her before using it.

You understand that to provide products to Kathleen Godfroy doesn’t guarantee an immediate review, especially if the item/s will be shipped to Singapore from overseas.

You agree that it’s understood the product is NOT for sale in exchange for reviews.

  1. Limitations

You understand and agree that Kathleen Godfroy doesn’t accept adult products that will make her feel uncomfortable to wear or use it.

You understand and agree that Kathleen Godfroy will not create products or services reviews to adult brands.

  1. Blog Post Within 8-days (or more)

When our team receives the free item/s from the brand, it will take time to do the photoshoot, write the content and post it on the blog and social media. You understand and agree that to post a blog can take over 8-days.

  1. Privacy

You understand and agree that Kathleen Godfroy’s receiving address is strictly confidential and cannot be shared with any third party without her consent. It is understood that to provide her personal information such as residential address, receiving address, mobile number, and other sensitive information in public or social media without her consent will be subject for a lawsuit.

Kathleen Godfroy and Team are easy to collaborate with but we have limitations. When you’re ready to be part of this fun brand collaboration, please click “I agree” to continue and fill out the form.


Brand sponsorship form:

We are open for the possibility of working together on KG’s blog, however, we will only select brands that are fit for Kathleen’s image and niche market. Your brand must focus on beauty, skincare, and tourism.

When we receive your request, we will send you an acknowledgement in email. If you haven’t received a response from us within 24-hours, please check your spam folder and look for contact,

Note: we will only provide KG’s receiving address once we receive complete information about your request. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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