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Kathleen M. Godfroy

I'm taking my creative content to the next level.

I live my life to the fullest with love, humour, adventure and lots of photography. I’m based in Singapore and I work in startup.

Hello beautiful people, thanks for visiting my personal and beauty blog. I’m Kathleen M. Godfroy, an entrepreneur based in Singapore. It was during the Accenture event in 2017 when I got the award of Top 3 Global Tech Consumers Award held at Science Museum in Singapore that I told myself, I would wake up every day with goals to innovate our business and to continue to improve my decisions and friendship with people. I didn’t stop since then – I immediately rebrand my blog to share my journey, I studied crash courses for professional blogging, I pitch in investment contests to get funded and I collaborate with brands.

Fast forward: although I cannot consider myself as “successful” yet I am grateful to be able to work with people who helped me to become who I am today. When they see potentials in me, I didn’t take the opportunity for granted and I have been loyal to people who helped me. In 2019, I become involved in multiple businesses in different industries and many of my friends and blog subscribers asked me what is really my focus. My focus is always entrepreneurship and to create an opportunity for niche products or services that can be scalable or profitable in less than 2 years. I do not think that once you become an entrepreneur you will stop in one project. You will always hustle, keep going and innovate. To do business is never just about money, it is always about following your passion, doing what you love and giving back to society.

To answer your “FAQ” of what I do, I have a strong background in science before studying law and business. I’m not just someone who created a beauty blog because it’s trendy or I want to create content on my Instagram but rather someone who understands cosmetics business from raw materials to branding. I made my first trip to Hong Kong in 2015 to buy raw materials of cosmetics and mixed all the ingredients in my dorm in Boston. I created my first batch of liquid matte lipstick based on a customized formula, I told myself I can leverage my knowledge by creating more products and so I hired a small manufacturer/lab to produce 300 pieces of products. Half of it I gave it away to friends for fun and also to get their feedback. Within 3 days, they message me where and how they can buy my products and so I bought more units and sold a few products in the bazaar. It was a humble experience for me and I didn’t know it can turn out to something big. After I sold a thousand pieces of products in just two weeks and earned S$ 1,000 per day and S$ 9,000 in two weeks I had an aha moment that I should take the business seriously.

I started a cosmetics company in 2016, I pitched to get funded and I collaborated with investors in Singapore to fund the business. I never look back since then. Although it is really challenging to manage a cosmetics business due to expensive operation cost, the business expanded in less than two (2) years.

Since 2016 I was exposed in the startup community and I met insanely talented tech founders. I was inspired to build a tech startup in Singapore with three (3) partners. Our platform is based on startup partnership and small-scale investments. I divide my time between startups but my main priority is always the cosmetics company because it involves employees and operations to sustain. Both startups are funded and operating between Singapore and Indonesia with the help of our partners and team. I will never claim the success of our business is done by one person. In every brand or company, there is always a great team behind it.

Working beyond startup.

In 2019, a group of my friends approached me to help them in their newly founded construction company that works with government projects (disclaimer: I don’t have a professional background in construction or engineering. I am knowledgeable in business development and corporate law). I co-manage the investments and agreements between contractors. Although it is challenging especially, I am literally the only female in the firm (1-10) but I enjoy the tasks to lead the legal team. When I am done in the meetings with the most stubborn-awesome-gentlemen- business partners I allow myself to enjoy the little things in life such as blogging, selling products online and dressing up.

A few of my business partners are not pleased in my activities and I was advised to limit my engagements but if we will look on business perspectives here, it is through the exposure of startup community and investment events that I was able to leverage our startups. In addition, my blog – has reached to over 15,000 email subscribers (and growing).

I believe these numbers are helpful in our business. I am grateful to people who support me from day one even I am just an ordinary person trying hard to build a company. I enjoy reading your encouragement message on email, so please keep going. 🙂

I am open to the possibility of collaboration, if you need a review for your products and services, I am here to help. Reach out to me on the contact page. If you’re looking for investments, please visit the Investment page on this blog. Thank you for reading.

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