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Kathleen M. Godfroy

I'm taking my creative content to the next level.

 Proudly born in the CBD of Manila and educated in Singapore and Boston, Kathleen M. Godfroy is taking her beauty and lifestyle blog more seriously than ever before. Kathleen is a startup founder of a cosmetics company, K. Godfroy Cosmetics that she founded in Singapore in 2016 and expanded it in 2017. She gave up her 9-5 job to hustle for a 9-12 job with no employees to start with. Many people would say, once you become an entrepreneur you can have freedom and flexibility. It is arguably not true because entrepreneurship is stressful, demanding and a lonely journey. To validate her ideas and passion that she isn’t just another ‘pretty blogger’ who wants to have a cosmetics line, she pitched to international contests. Her startup was awarded as the Biggest Idea Winner by Singapore Polytechnic Graduates Guild in 2017Top 3 Global Tech Awards by Accenture and Finalist in StartUp World Cup India Finale. Today, her startup has co-founders, shareholders, business advisors, expansion investor, logistics partners and employees.

There are no big secrets in working in a startup but finding your niche, focus, consistency and a lot of hard work. Kathleen understands the game and how to break the barriers to succeed.

Her lessons in leadership has been recognized by Strait Times Newspaper and other online publications. Her ability to operate a startup has been awarded in South East Asia and backup by Singapore universities’ public relations. In 2017, she received a scholarship for Masters in Business from a private equity firm and currently an MBA candidate at the University of Wollongong, Sydney Business School through an international school in Singapore.

“I do not have a time for drama, jealousy and gossips. What I have a time is to build the business and solve every problem. I will always stay focused no matter what challenges come along the way. My personality is always mistaken as “proud” because I’m outspoken, opinionated and unafraid to share my feelings but I’m not argumentative and I do not compete unnecessarily. I choose my fight, the right competition and I always try to help others recognize their fullest potential.”

Kathleen’s big dreams are to be a VC, own a beach house, have 2 big dogs and be in-love with her man forever.

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